In its work, ANCOR LTD adheres to the following principles:

  • We conduct ourselves professionally, guided by high standards of honor, transparency and culture;

  • We act transparently with our clients and partners;

  • We respect and value relationships with our clients and partners;

  • We are fully responsible to our clients and partners for the quality of our work and for the full implementation of our obligations;

  • We provide our customers and partners with all reliable information about our products, services and prices, and also do not make false statements about products, services and prices of other suppliers and manufacturers;

  • We ensure the highest level of confidentiality of information about our employees, partners and customers and comply with obligations to protect confidentiality in accordance with the requirements established by applicable law;

Understanding the importance of social responsibility and business reputation issues, ANCOR LTD develops algorithms for systemic and structural development.

Internal formation is realized through the provision of decent working conditions for people, stable pay and respect for people work and time.

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