Our goal


The mission of ANCOR LTD is to provide its customers with reliable and efficient supplies of high quality coal fuel, observing high safety, environmental and social responsibility

ANCOR LTD is a fast growing company striving to dominate solid fuel suppliers in the international fuel market. We rely on the following rural principles:

·    Staff. Our main driving force is a loyal and professional staff with plenty years of experience in coal mining and supply, united by a common culture and acknowledging of the company's core values.

·    Attention to customers. We understand that the company exists only for and due to customers. We build our work on the respect and value of all our clients. We carefully learn their needs and respond to their requests as quick as possible. We are constantly improving either our experience together with our clients or improving business technology and service level.

·    Multipurposing and speed. We strive to achieve the maximum quality of the result, making correct and timely decisions, achieving clear implementation and optimal allocation of our resources.

·    Respect for the people. We take care of our employees and provide high-quality working conditions. We appreciate the time of our employees, provide them with all conditions for self-realization, initiative and development of personal qualities within the company.

·    Teamwork. We recognize ourselves as a team of professionals. We share the interests and goals of the company and lead it to quality and systematic success.


We are working on the development of competitive advantages through the ANCOR LTD business system and HIGH STANDARDS OF QUALITY SERVICE, which consists of the following factors:

·    Absence of intermediaries

·    High quality products;

·    High quality of services;

·    Positivei nteraction experience;

·    Market analysis and forecasting;

·    Improving operational processes.

·    Control of all principal decisions

·    Feedback

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