ANCOR LTD is a supplier of high quality thermal coal, high-quality coal, mined in the fields and delivered to our main processing plant in the southern region of the Russian Federation


ANCOR LTD also cooperates with the Kuzbass coal basin.

The origin of coal products on the territory of the Russian Federation is officially confirmed by the relevant certificates and documents.

The company produces coal of all grades and specifications. The factory also provides services for enriching your coal to the chemical characteristics you need.

  • To fill out an application, you must indicate the required technical characteristics:

  • Deliveryscope

  • Coalgrade

  • Specify chemical characteristics (Wrt) (Ad) (Vdaf) (Sd) (Cld) (Asd) (Qaf) (Qdaf) (Qri)

  • Recipientcountry


We can also supply coal in big bags and containers.

The quality of coal during shipment is controlled by independent companies (SGS / Incolab) in accordance with international standards (ASTM / ISO), and all parcels are confirmed by the appropriate quality certificates and the place of origin of raw materials.

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