What is our activity?

The management of the central concentation factory of coal proposes to consider favorable conditions for the supply of coal products worldwide. Coal production is located in the southern region of the Russian Federation.

The origin of coal products in the Russian Federation is officially confirmed by relevant certificates and documents.

The plant supplies any coal of all grades and specifications, in particular:

• Highly volatile (DMSSh / DPKO / DO);

• Low volatility (TOMSSh).

• Low volatility (AM) anthracite.

• Low volatility (AKO) anthracite.

• Low volatility (AS) anthracite.

• Low volatility (ASh) anthracite.

We are ready to work on the following conditions: FOB, FAS, CFR, FCA.

The quality of coal during shipment is controlled by independent companies (SGS / INCOLAB) in accordance with international standards (ASTM / ISO) and is confirmed by relevant quality certificates. Transportation of products is carried out in bulk and Big Bag’s.

Our factory can also produce coal to your specifications.

We invite exporters and importers from all countries to consumers of coal products to discuss mutually beneficial terms of cooperation by e-mail, phone or in person.

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