ANCOR LTD is operating since 2020 for achieving stable supplies of high quality coal to the world market.

ANCOR LTD is based on highly qualified employees having many years of experience in fuel industry, in area of logistics and finance, as well as experts in providing and adjustment of a production structures.

Due to the absence of intermediaries between the coal production plant and the buyer, our sales department can supply to our customers best quality products and in the shortest possible time.

Our staff responds to the highest service standards and strives to meet the needs of our customers quick and qualified.

The priority line of activity is the delivery of products to ultimate consumers. Regarding this, the company has several advantages:

·    A wide range of products, all technical parameters;

·    The high quality of products and services is confirmed by certificates and multi-stage checks;

·    With the complete absence of intermediaries, coal products arrive directly from the plant;

·    Individual approach to every client;

·    Low prices due to the full absence of intermediaries and flexible payment terms;

·    Own trains;

·    Highly-developed transport infrastructure;



ANCOR LTD supplies products to consumers in Europe and Asia, including Bulgaria / Turkey / Spain / Italy / Germany / Poland / China / Mongolia / Finland / Sweden / Norway / Slovakia / Luxembourg

ANCOR LTD has all the necessary resources to provide its clients with a full range of necessary services without any help of third-party companies.

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